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Mapping Personal Practices

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

I thought this post from Ade was pretty interesting. It refers back to an exercise Joe Walnes ran at Extreme Tuesday. The concept is simple but pretty cool and a few of us here at RBS had a crack at it.
You can see the results below.

Robin Morris
Tiest Ville
Pat Kua
Chris Brown

We did it as a bit of fun really but it’s been a useful exercise. I found that it forced me to be a little more tangible about what I actually value at a personal level. Also comparing the maps is interesting. Not that surprisingly there’s a fair bit of similarity between those drawn by these guys (they are all TW or ex) but it’s the differences that are really interesting. I reckon you can feel them in the team dynamic. Useful.

I also tried using the technique in an interview situation. We just got some A3 and a marker and we penned out a map for the prospective employee. It was a pretty cool way of exploring his values and it was interesting to contrast it back to the others. Again the differences were interesting.


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