Mapping Personal Practices

I thought this post from Ade was pretty interesting. It refers back to an exercise Joe Walnes ran at Extreme Tuesday. The concept is simple but pretty cool and a few of us here at RBS had a crack at it.
You can see the results below.

Robin Morris
Tiest Ville
Pat Kua
Chris Brown

We did it as a bit of fun really but it’s been a useful exercise. I found that it forced me to be a little more tangible about what I actually value at a personal level. Also comparing the maps is interesting. Not that surprisingly there’s a fair bit of similarity between those drawn by these guys (they are all TW or ex) but it’s the differences that are really interesting. I reckon you can feel them in the team dynamic. Useful.

I also tried using the technique in an interview situation. We just got some A3 and a marker and we penned out a map for the prospective employee. It was a pretty cool way of exploring his values and it was interesting to contrast it back to the others. Again the differences were interesting.

Posted on August 25th, 2010 in Team Development

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