Designing Event Driven Systems – Summary of Arguments

This post provides a terse summary of the high-level arguments addressed in my book.

Why Change is Needed

Technology has changed:

Businesses need asynchronicity:

A message broker has notable benefits:

Systems still require Request Response

Data-on-the-outside is different:

Databases aren’t well shared:

Data Services are still “databases”:

Data movement is inevitable as ecosystems grow.

Why Event Streaming

Events should be 1st Class Entities:

Messaging is the most decoupled form of communication:

A Replayable Log turns ‘Ephemeral Messaging’ into ‘Messaging that Remembers’:

Replayable Logs work better at keeping datasets in sync across a company:

Replayable logs lead to Polyglot Views:

In Event-Driven Systems the Data Layer isn’t static

The ‘Database Inside Out’ analogy is useful when applied at cross-team or company scales:

Streaming is a State of Mind:

The Streaming Way:

The various points above lead to a set of broader principles that summarise the properties we expect in this type of system:

The WIRED Principles

Windowed: Reason accurately about an asynchronous world.

Immutable: Build on a replayable narrative of events.

Reactive: Be asynchronous, elastic & responsive.

Evolutionary: Decouple. Be pluggable. Use canonical event streams.

Data-Enabled: Move data to services and keep it in sync.

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